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Music has always been a very healthy part of my life. It has been useful as a game developer producing soundtracks using electronics, guitar teacher and performer in bands live on stage. It was the first voice I found in myself, from my multicultural family background.

Video game development taught me how to produce a product, and finish something complex. The experience enabled me to learn how to work well with creative minds, and learn from mistakes as an entrepreneur.

Hair school was a humbling experience having recently come from an executive position with a financial tech company. I re-learned how to learn from nothing, with no previous knowledge or experience. It was all about people, yet I could still find geometry and chaos theory mathematics in the art form.

Cryptography is trust and safety in numbers. Seeing a young adult grasp Diffie-Hellman key exchange during an art program is seeing a person solve a puzzle in their mind. Some people really seem to enjoy complex concepts.

Art therapy, safety in colors, and the resistance felt with an instrument in hand to explore emotions. One of my experiences was an art program we put together as a team.

Over the past 5 years I have been working with those who struggle with the challenges of mental illness, addictions and grief and loss. Learning about myself and how to practice self care has allowed me to manage the stress which comes with those challenges. Helping others in the community and online with a psychosocial approach is a skill I have developed with my time.


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